This, my friends, is the silky anteater. They almost look more like something out of the Frouds’ studios than a living creature! They’re the world’s smallest anteater, and they can be found from southern Mexico down into a large portion of northern South America. Its fur helps it stay camouflaged, as it resembled the fluff on the seed pods of silk cotton trees. 

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things that mental illness is:

  • real
  • complex
  • everywhere

things that mental illness isn’t:

  • lazy
  • fake
  • a punchline
  • an insult
  • a ticking time bomb
  • the plot of a horror movie
  • an afterthought
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aw, man. i love this show.

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wup, spring?

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feels more like home than home.

feels more like home than home.

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just back home today and i miss it terribly. ugh. can’t wait to live there already.

just back home today and i miss it terribly. ugh. can’t wait to live there already.

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seriously can’t believe it’s april already, wuuuttttt.

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Lauren Chief Elk ‏@ChiefElk  Two-Spirit Is Not For White People - It Is Appropriation

Posted before, will again.
So fucking important.


Two-Spirit Is Not For White People - It Is Appropriation

Posted before, will again.

So fucking important.

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Black girls and women are rendered invisible and inconsequential in a society that devalues our gender, sexual, and racial identities. And, tragically, queer Black women find male oppression especially brutal. We have seen the manifestations of this most recently with the murders of Britney Cosby and her partner, Crystal Jackson in Texas. Their lives were disregarded, stolen, by the hands of Britney’s father. To be a Black woman or girl whose sexual orientation opposes what has been assigned/ascribed by those who feel it their right to police/restrict our bodies and our agency is extremely dangerous and puts us further at risk of being shamed, silenced, abused and murdered. It becomes a code of conduct that demands obedience and enables misogyny with regards to rape culture. And some brothers have had the nerve, the nerve, to say shit to me like rape is something that White men do, and/or lesbians are man-hating bitches that need to be taught a lesson. All the while staking a claim where it doesn’t belong.

Regardless of our sexual preferences (or as a result of it), we continue to bear the burden of sexual and domestic violence. As victims and survivors, we are expected to remain quiet. We are expected to pledge allegiance to race, which means embracing a sick and twisted loyalty to Black male predators (who sometimes are the pillars of our communities) at the expense of Black women and girls. This is a practice that has to end. If we are not safe amongst each other, where can we be safe? We should be talking about this. We’ve got to stop acting like it’s not happening. We’ve got to stop blaming the victim and start holding accountable those acting out these aggressions. And it needs to happen sooner rather than later before another sista from our community is harmed.

Rochelle Robinson, "Speaking The Unspeakable: The Pervasive Nature of Male Oppression and Rape Culture" (via titspirationall)

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